Food Is the New Fashion

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Kareena Kapoor as the cover-girl of Vogue will make you sweat! The Duchess of Cambridge looked incredible on Wednesday, as she opened the Victoria and Albert Museum's new photography centre. Anupama Parameswaran in a yellow pattu saree Oct 10, Balmain's spring and summer collection has Egyptian mummy issues.

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With every season as there are new latest fashion trend to follow, with commencement of , here are some latest fashion trend to follow: One shoulder top look: One shoulder which was carried by all top Bollywood actresses is the latest fashion trend to go for all fashion lovers.

Food and cooking websites are attracting 70 million visitors each month. That's not to overlook the popularity of cooking reality TV shows like Bravo's Top Chef , which took the Project Runway concept into the professional kitchen, and gourmet food trucks with avid Twitter followings.

Even my company's new "Martha Stewart Makes Cookies" app features a "cookie runway," showcasing shortbread and gingerbread people gliding like supermodels! Food trends are hardly new, and there have always been groups of enthusiasts who are passionate about cooking. As a young newlywed, I, along with many other Americans, spent countless hours cooking my way through Julia Child's seminal Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Since then I've observed numerous food trends and, on occasion, contributed to them. When I published my cookbook, Martha Stewart Cupcakes , who would have thought that two years later American women would still have an insatiable appetite for the dessert?

The current economic environment has only fed the collective interest in cooking; more and more people are eating at home, as evidenced by the increase in cookbook sales, which are up 5 percent at a time when overall book sales have declined. While I'm as eager as anyone else for the economy to improve, I see the growing interest in learning about food and the enthusiasm for home cooking -- especially since studies show that eating together improves family health and stability -- as the recessionary cloud's silver lining.

I am further heartened by the increased concern about the origins of our meals -- the quality of life of the animals that provide us with sustenance, and the health and environmental ramifications of our approach to food production. But there is something different in the current culinary vogue that extends beyond old-fashioned thrift. Personally, I can't recall a time when so many people have had a genuine interest in heirloom tomatoes, for example, or in "forgotten" cuts of meat from nose to tail.

Indeed, many everyday cooks are sounding increasingly like professionals, with more sophisticated ingredients and tools at their disposal. What's in your pantry and on your plate have become a form of self-expression much like a fabulous pair of Christian Louboutins, or absolutely anything vintage.

Just as the label "fashionista" evokes an entire lifestyle, so, too, does the term "foodie. The re-fashioning of food is an interesting and exciting phenomenon as a new generation of curious cooks and adventurous eaters embrace the culinary arts -- and the pleasures of a seasonal, sustainable diet. Keep in mind that my fashion persona is Classic so you'll discover plenty of toned-down translations of the current fashion trends! If we share the same style then you're in luck!

If not, then chew on my tips on how to implement a trend and look your best: Here's what you'll find below: The trends that I find chic and worth buying Fashion tips and styling strategies to making almost any trend work for you Outfit ideas on how to implement and wear a trend. Check out the Latest Fashion Trends Evolve your style Spring Summer Trend: A couple of years ago, way back in , I pondered on the practicality of peep toe boots.

I mean, what was the point in wearing boots …. It can be as subtle as wearing polkadots with stripes, …. I love this unfinished look on skirts and dresses. It's seductive and playful. The longer "dipped" hem in the back conveys elegance, …. Letting both of your shoulders peek from your garment adds a super relaxed and seductive feel to your outfit. And that's definitely …. Being the blazer-fanatic that I am, my heart skipped a beat when I saw print blazers in stores! There's just something about throwing ….

One of the trendiest greens this season is Kelly Green. This bright shade of green is sure to revive your closet this season! Bright yellow is once again on the top list of color trends this spring- and summer time.

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