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See the actual size of a One Inch right on your monitor. Just select your monitor size, and Pective will display it life size. Please set your monitor size (inches).

Just incase i am mistaken, i checked the size on this: Using google chrome though Greeno 22" monitor Good on I used the credit card.

set the ACTUAL size of the monitor (diagonal in inches), even decimals matter. i measured the diagonal of my notebook display with a ruler and it's inches, so i set exactly that. in case you're european: 1 inch is mm or cm.
The Online Vitrual Screen Ruler (MM,CM,INCH) This is an online vitrual ruler(MM,CM,INCH), that can be adjusted to an actual distrib-u5b2od.ga measures the size of your screen, and other online measuring tools.
This website displays an actual size ruler by measuring the size of your screen and creating the image of a ruler that is the actual size. Actual Size Ruler This is an actual size .
The size of a screen is usually described by the length of its diagonal, which is the distance between opposite corners, usually in inches. It is also sometimes called the physical image size to distinguish it from the
Nominal vs. Actual Board Sizes (in inches) Nominal Size: Actual Size: 1 x 1 3/4 x 3/4 1 x 2 3/4 x 1 1/2 1 x 3.
How adjusting this virtual ruler to actual size?

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The Online Vitrual Screen Ruler (MM,CM,INCH) This is an online vitrual ruler(MM,CM,INCH), that can be adjusted to an actual distrib-u5b2od.ga measures the size of your screen, and other online measuring tools.

The method of measuring screen size by its diagonal was inherited from the method used for the first generation of CRT television, when picture tubes with circular faces were in common use. Being circular, the external diameter of the bulb was used to describe their size. Since these circular tubes were used to display rectangular images, the diagonal measurement of the visible rectangle was smaller than the diameter of the tube due to the thickness of the glass surrounding the phosphor screen which was hidden from the viewer by the casing and bezel.

This method continued even when cathode ray tubes were manufactured as rounded rectangles; it had the advantage of being a single number specifying the size, and was not confusing when the aspect ratio was universally 4: In the US, when virtually all TV tubes were 4: In virtually all other markets, the size of the outer diameter of the tube was given.

What was a 27V in the US could be a 28" elsewhere. However the V terminology was frequently dropped in US advertising referring to a 27V as a 27".

This was not misleading for the consumer as the seller had to give the actual screen size by law. Flat panel displays by contrast use the actual diagonal of their visible display size, thus the size is the actual size presented to the viewer in all markets.

This means that a similarly specified size of display will be larger as a flat panel display compared with a cathode ray tube display.

When the common aspect ratio went from 4: A screen that is approximately the same height as a 27V would be a 32W. Vizio and other US TV manufacturers have introduced even wider screens with a In order to gauge the relative sizes of these new screens, the screen aspect must be considered. In a commercial market where multiple aspect ratios are being sold, it will always take two numbers to describe the screen size, some combination of diagonal, aspect ratio, height or width.

Set sizes are frequently given as a "class" as screens from different manufacturers will have slight differences in size. The reasons for the different sizes within a class stem from differences in the manufacturers' equipment. As manufacturers move from one size to another, newer larger sizes must fit on the same size glass, though with fewer displays being cut from it. Some sizes fit well and maximize glass utilization, other sizes fit more poorly and waste glass. As an example, in some cases, increasing the screen size by even 0.

This would make them uncompetitive with other screen makers. For full HDTV resolution, this one minute of arc implies that the TV watcher should sit 4 times the height of the screen away. At this distance the individual pixels can not be resolved while simultaneously maximising the viewing area. So the ideal set size can be determined from the chart below by measuring the distance from where the watcher would sit to the screen in centimeters or inches , dividing that by 4, and comparing with the screen heights below.

If the user is replacing a standard definition TV with an HDTV this implies that the best visual experience will be with a set that is twice as tall as the standard definition set. Cost and budget also limit screen size. The TV image is composed of many lines of pixels. Ideally, the TV watcher sits far enough away from the screen that the individual lines merge into one solid image. The watcher may sit even farther away and still see a good picture, but it will be a smaller portion of their visual field.

However, note that viewing behavior is dependent on screen size. Cassie 16" monitor Perfect at Of course it is not the same College Student 17" monitor works well on my 17" laptop. Justin 16" monitor Perfect on my 16". Anonymous 16" monitor perfect on Mark Gherke 19" monitor I definitely know it was too small for a 12 incher. Anonymous 12" monitor holy crow—if this is the actual size of an inch, I'm really only 4'10". Chi 13" monitor even though they say it's 13" it's really Anonymous 20" monitor How are we supposed to measure the moniter, we wouldnt be here if we had a ruler!!

Poachman 24" monitor Too short. Anonymous 20" monitor I have a 22 but it was small so i put it on 20 inch, compare with 11" printer paper to get the right alignment The smaller the screen the bigger the ruler: Anonymous 16" monitor Worked great on my 16" monitor. I didn't have a ruler to measure my screen size so just looked up my computer model online..

Kimmi 16" monitor Perfect on mine.. Anonymous 24" monitor wheres the 24" wide screen aspects? Anonymous 20" monitor Doesn't work.

Anonymous 17" monitor Looks awesome on my cinema screen. Anonymous 23" monitor Perfect on Anonymous 17" monitor ok for 17 inch. Anonymous 16" monitor Works fine on my 73" Mitsu.

Anonymous 16" monitor it goes 2 whatever length your monitor is. Anonymous 16" monitor eat a d. Dannydoey 15" monitor Scott 15" monitor this is accurate enough.

Anonymous 14" monitor pressed back to initial page after entering the monitor size Anonymous 17" monitor close! Anonymous 24" monitor Wow! Anonymous 17" monitor Worked perfect on my 17" MacBook Pro: Anonymous 19" monitor small bit bigger on a 19''. Anonymous 19" monitor smaller bit smaller on a 19'' i meant.. Anonymous 17" monitor Perfect on my 17" laptop.

Anonymous 4" monitor WAY too big 4 me. Anonymous 14" monitor Perfect on 14". Anonymous 6" monitor Isn't so good. Anonymous 13" monitor huge on my 13 inch its better 2 use iruler. Anonymous 15" monitor perfect on Perfect fit on These are giant inches. Anonymous 10" monitor perfect for me. Leatiguh 10" monitor Perfect on my iPad: Over there you can choose the size of your monitor. Retloch 24" monitor Perfect for me on 24". Unknown 22" monitor Munch 20" monitor fits onto my 10" screen Sibo 22" monitor Bang on!

Hunch 14" monitor 14" perfecto. Robert 13" monitor I hope people realise that all screens are measured diagonally, corner to corner and the ruler is displayed horizontally. Poke 19" monitor Used my debit card because i didn't know the exact size of my schools monitor and it works perfectly.

Helped a lot in measuring. Beck 10" monitor Worked great on hp mini, using a credit card Anonymous 10" monitor I tried doing this on an iPad, then I realized I was zooming in and out.

Anonymous 13" monitor great on 13 in. Anonymous 17" monitor I found selecting that I didn't know my monitor size, and then using a dollar bill as comparison, worked excellent. I suggest trying this to get it just right. Danie 15" monitor they have that nifty tool where you can put an object credit card, coin, dollar bill on the screen and make the image of that object the same size as the object to figure out your screen size.

I didnt know my screen size and couldnt measure it duh, I googled for this so no ruler and after sizing the image to my item the ruler worked perfectly. I came back to double check once I found my measuring tape. Its accurate if you adjust it properly. Krissy 16" monitor It's dead on for me. Anonymous 24" monitor perfect size on my 24 inch. Anonymous 16" monitor wow. Buddy from merton 22" monitor this website is ok but its a little crapy.

Anonymous 16" monitor well this really did help and it was perfect on my TLuv 19" monitor Monitor 19" - used ruler to check it, right on. Anonymous 12" monitor 12 used ruler and about two inches off Anonymous 17" monitor For everyone whose screen is off, it depends on resolution so just say that iyou don't know the screen size and measure according to objects.

Anonymous 19" monitor Close but i'm not sure cuz i dont have a real ruler with me1 ;3. Jimmy 16" monitor The way to go is the size comparison route. You units display size may vary. Anonymous 17" monitor My screen is a I haven't measured it against an actual ruler, but it looks right. And also, depending on your connection it might look huge. It always pops up about 3 or 4 times larger when I first open the page, but then it shrinks down to size after a few seconds. Anon 10" monitor ever so lightly too long on my 9.

Mike 19" monitor Mine was perfect on Casey 22" monitor Perfect on my AOC 22". Anonomous 21" monitor work fine with "21" monitor. Janice 22" monitor Perfect for 22". RArriaga 18" monitor I did not assum the size of my monitor not blindly follow the size that is indicated by the manufacture of my monito and employed the calibration tool attaced to this program.

Doing so, and then checking with a yard stick the image shown is accurrate. Anonymous 19" monitor Much too large on 19". Anonymous 15" monitor To everyone who says this is wrong, it isn't. Most of you probably used the manufacturer size, which is actually an estimate. Anonymous 23" monitor works great on 23". Anonymous 15" monitor All the people saying that it's much too large and stuff, I don't think you realise that you have to change your monitor size on here for it to adapt.

Anonymous 12" monitor I dislike Biology: Guest 10" monitor Fine for chrome on 10" netbook. Got a chance to use my Euro coin, for yet another interesting purpose. Flynn 23" monitor 11 and a half inches exactly on my 23 inch monitor, yet when i drag it onto my don't mean to brag second monitor 15 inches it's also 11 and a half inches.

Amphryde 24" monitor According to the ruler I used a small 6 inch it's perfect on a 24inch monitor. Bob 16" monitor ooops, that's a Thanks for this provision, I'm handicapped and use it often. Bob 16" monitor Works perfect on Dell 15".

Anonymous 19" monitor actually mine is right on point: Anon 22" monitor Jaezilla. What size did they sell you, you nugget. Anon 22" monitor It works if you know how to use it. I really isn't that hard. I'm sharing this link Anonymous 3" monitor Ewwww. Vijay 14" monitor Exact measurement!! James 21" monitor I hooked up an old 8 inch, changed the resolution Melissa 18" monitor Pretty close, just like a cm away on my Anonymous 9" monitor perfect.

Muhammad Farooq 16" monitor Perfect on It said that my moniter is Anon 20" monitor Why can't I change the screen size? Now I'm stuck with the wrong size.

Kan 16" monitor perfect on Elly 19" monitor WHAT?? Elly 19" monitor Perfect Size: Not sure why people are having a hard time, perhaps you should try it a different way?

Me 20" monitor Used a CD to adjust the size and then measured it against a measuring tape. Anonymous 16" monitor Perfect on my 16, I used a sheet of paper 8. Anthony 19" monitor It shouldn't surprise me, but there are a lot of idiots here. If you set up your monitor size correctly, it works. Anonymous 15" monitor too big on 15 inches. I ask because a different site said my monitor was. Justin 23" monitor Really close, if not exact on my 23".

Anonymous " monitor Me no gusta!!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous 10" monitor If I use this thing to measure my body, my third leg is a flagpole. The inch show is about 2 inches in real life. Anonymous 13" monitor hiiii. Anonymoua 14" monitor perfect on 14". Anonymous 16" monitor Hello thar. Macy 17" monitor Perfect on a 17'' screen!

I accidentally clicked "incorrect" though. Anonymous 8" monitor It stays on the same size for me. Anonymous 8" monitor This isn't close. Theawesomestpersoneverexisting 13" monitor great! Anonymous 13" monitor Bradley you have a 6" monitor. Theawesomestpersoneverexisting 13" monitor thanks to this my math homework is finally finished!!!!!!!! Dobby 16" monitor Hey people after inputing your monitor size get an actual ruler and "Calibrate" your size to screen, so measure the ruler on your screen with a known hand ruler?

Messure the applet size and either increase or decrease the monitor size changer until the measure onscreen measures as close to real as possible then remember the moitor selection in order to fit your on screen experience, this way you can bookmark the site with that setting and have at least a portable ruler on screen pretty close the most accurate you can adjust. It still is useful and is intuitive. Josh 23" monitor beautiful, just adjust it til it fits Tejas 15" monitor They should ask for your screen resolution rather than screen size!!

This will fix their 'too big'-'too little' issues.. Anonymous 18" monitor thx. Anonymous 16" monitor how am i supposed to know if it works when i dont have a ruler to measure the size of my monitor! Anonymous 27" monitor Insanely short on my 27 D: Anon 15" monitor 6 inch circle? Anon 10" monitor This makes my credit card 6 inches long, I don't think so Anonymous 14" monitor im high.

Why do you want to know 14" monitor once i done a size it will not let me pick again??????????? Anonymous 19" monitor did fine to me! Perfect 17" monitor On my 17! Hi 16" monitor Dang!! Impressive this is perfect size. Worked good on a 27" I guess that's why so many ppl report wrong length Anonymous 17" monitor 17" works perfectly. Anonymous 16" monitor P 26" monitor I'm confused P 26" monitor What the heck is a monitor?!? Bob 16" monitor This helped greatly with my project.

Anonymous 16" monitor Helped with my project, ruler was great! Kitty Kat 9" monitor Perfect. Anonymous 15" monitor ;love a ruler. I did it with a u. Anonymous 16" monitor perfect on my Checked using a 8. Greeno 22" monitor Good on FAD 14" monitor perfect on my Dell D Potatoto 17" monitor This worked perfectly, you just need to adjust it correctly.

Anonymous 19" monitor Perfect. Used credit card method. Confirmed with actual ruler. Anonymous 12" monitor there are ads on the side. Matt 22" monitor Imalwaysright 22" monitor Alright. Hey long time no see. Sara has the same name as you. S "mom", you dont have to be so bossy. Itrytobeanonymous 22" monitor where can i find the centimeter ruler? Itrytobeanonymous 22" monitor Guys plz stop.

Lets go to that page we used to go to. Imanonymous 22" monitor sure. Imalwaysright 22" monitor To be continued Lila. Imanonymous 22" monitor Owner if your reading this, feel free to delete these Although you already have the power to,you know what i mean. Or at least i think you do. I too am anonymous 16" monitor I'm not sure what to do with this new found power.

I can measure things if I hold them up to my screen. On an unrelated note would anyone like to buy all the rulers laying around my house? Anonymous 4" monitor idek. AK 16" monitor Looks right on Sam 14" monitor Accurate. Greg " monitor Great On TV. Aunoi 40" monitor Awful!

1/16 Online Inch Ruler

Yes, I am using {monitor}. Save this settings. No (please select ) I am using {monitors} I am using -inch screen save settings; I don't know what monitor size is. This is a convenient online ruler that could be calibrated to actual size, measurements in cm, mm and inch, the upper half is the millimeter ruler and centimeter ruler, the lower half is an inch . This is an online ruler (inches,1/8,3/8,5/8 inches) can be adjusted to the actual size, before you use it, please set of pixels per inch in your own device, but also can be adjusted by reference. If you need a real ruler or tape, you .