Mommy Trained Me Well

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But I wish there were more such options, along with a removal of the general social pressures to wear certain types of suits and to reshape my body a certain way in order to wear them. WHY do they keep broken dollar store itms on the shelf? I scored a Le Creuset skillet for 20 bucks. Funds from the Community Grant will be used for logo and packaging design. Mom was excited beyond words for me.

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The following story depicts a sexual mother – son relationship. All sexual activities and thoughts occur between adults at least 18 years of age.

My mother raised me all by herself. You might say that it's hard for a single woman to manage a rambunctious little boy, but I was always a well behaved child. Now that I look back on our life together, it's no miracle why.

My mom was always pretty. She managed her figure, wore flattering outfits and often went for youthful haircuts. When I was very little, I remember thinking that my mother was the "most beautiful mommy in the world" and I liked being near this beautiful woman. As I got a little older, I noticed that she looked prettier on some days than others. When asked why she wasn't wearing much makeup or why she was not wearing one of her prettier dresses, she would tell me, "Mommy looks pretty when she's happy.

Right now you're not making mommy happy. You want mommy to be happy, don't you? Mom was sly — finding this tactic effective, she would always wear two layers of clothes when we went out: Being that the underlayer had to fit under her regular clothes, not to mention how hot it would get wearing two layers of clothes, the "pretty" outfit was often much more low cut. Miniskirts, strapless tops and short shorts were quite the norm when mom wanted to show how happy she was with me. That was her style of dress no matter the time of day or season.

Looking back, she must have looked like some kind of hooker As I got older 18 of course , she would add "sexy outings" to her repertoire of rewards.

During the colder months, she would call me into her room before going out. She would pull her top tight from the back, emphasizing her lack of underwear. Her nipples would always be clearly noticeable and sometimes she would wear something shear enough that I would even be able to make out the darkness of them through the fabric.

If I was being especially pleasant that day, she would even jiggle her breasts a little, playfully. Of course spring and summer were another scenario altogether. Whereas in winter, you would have to look a little to see what mom was doing with her clothes — summer was more overt. A very special reward for me would be to go swimsuit shopping with her. Although I liked mommy in any swimsuit, our tastes would often gravitate towards bikinis.

And while in public, she would never wear a thong with her son around — she could model them for me in the store. Before you think that no store would allow a woman to model a thong for a man in plain view, most stores would allow a single parent to let their child albeit an adult "child" into the changing area with them. Behind the doors of the dressing room, mom would show me thongs and tiny string bikinis, suits with fabric so thin that they would leave nothing to the imagination and suits that were so tight that they looked painted on.

All this, of course, with me being able to watch her change out of her clothes too. It wasn't long before this modeling moved to the privacy of our home — where it became a frequent addition to our already scandalous activities.

Almost every night, mom would ask me about my classes. If she deemed me "doing well in school," she would ask me into her bedroom and help pick out her outfit for the next day. She would try on this one or that one, and sometimes even show me a new one that she just bought; it didn't matter whether or not she had shown me something sexy, presumably to wear into the office the next day, it was together time where I could watch my beautiful mommy undress frequently.

It was around that time that things became a little more physical. On an increasing basis, mom would come home from work, complaining about the tightness in her shoulders, and ask me to give her a little rub this was above and beyond my normal reward system. She would then remove her bra from under her clothes, unbutton her top and slide it down enough to expose her shoulders.

Thinking about mom's unfettered titties on the other side was enough to give me a boner. Being able to touch her skin and hearing her moan orgasmicly in return made me almost cream my pants. I always had to leave right away to relieve myself after massaging her. Eventually, our daily after-work massage turned into weekend home spa days. The first day she proposed this idea, mom was undressing for me before her shower.

Mom was just making small talk. Applebaum the other day; I heard you helped her out with her car battery," she said, stepping out of her skirt.

I knew right away what was wrong and they had a spare winter battery in the garage. It took, like twenty minutes. She paused as she slipped out of her panties. We talked, like we usually do when she showers. She talked about local happenings; I watched her shapely silhouette through the rippled door. Mom finished with the shower and toweled off in the stall.

Emerging from the shower, mom untucked her towel wrap from her body, revealing herself to me like a blossoming flower. Mind you, I've seen her naked before, but never presented to me like she wanted me to see her like that. She had nice, full breasts that sat not hung nicely on her sturdy ribcage.

Her figure was slim, yet curvy, and just a little bit motherly in the front. She had the grace of an oil painting and the exuberance of a cartoon. She draped the towel on the floor in front of her and laid face-down on top of it; her round buttocks greeting me.

I did as she asked; what did I know about back rubs and who was I to argue with a sexy naked mother? I squirted a little on my hands. I started, kneeling between her legs, on her lower back. I imagined the bottle was my cock and I was jacking off on her ass. I squirted several shots before I figured that I should actually start rubbing it into her. I leaned forward, kneading her lower back, safely away from her curvy bottom.

She lifted her head up with a disturbed look on her face. Your jeans are rubbing the inside of my thighs," she said with a pouty whine, "You'll have to take them off. I look at the pictures to see if they are on real canvas and buy them to repaint over them…. And if it was good enouogh for the old masters well…. FYI Using bleach on pottery is not a good idea. If there are unglazed areas like the foot or crazing, it can let the bleach water past the glaze.

Beach will eat the clay and at some point you may find your bowls literally fall apart. I did this with an old antique yellow ware bowl before I knew it and about 5 years later I went to unpack it for my fall display and it literally fell apart in my hands. That stuff is great Freezer to open flame of a gas stove, under the broiler, in the microwave.. Pyrex may have a lot more pretty patterns and colors, but Corning is the work horse!

I have a lot of both. I have been the Corning Ware quire a bit lately. This was really fun reading all of this. Recently found two wonderful pieces at the same yard sale. Got home and found exact dish online. As I was leaving spotted this unique knife out of the corner of my eye. I love a good yard sale. If you can find them.

I just Got a brand new petite chef knive after I sent it in for sharpening. They replace them for free…. I once came across a gal who had Pampered Chef stoneware. I left there with 12 pieces, a large roaster, casserole dishes of all sizes etc. Again, they had no idea what they had. My daughter and I are big thrift store shoppers along with my mother!!! The other day we stopped in at a local store to check out what was new.

My daughter had been looking for a wrought iron patio set for her screened in porch and wanted one in good shape but not real expensive. SHe ask how much it was and the guy said oh you can have it since you bought the patio set!!! She and I were thrilled at her bargains!!!!

Pampered chef stoneware should go in the category with dutch ovens and cast iron! Love that stuff and re-seasoned is all the better! I have found more Pampered Chef than I can store so I have sometimes left it on a shelf. Their loss is our gain! I found by accident if you leave stoneware in your self clean oven it will restore them back to new and you can re-season them!

I guess I need to get over my fear of the self clean function. Thanks for the tip! Has anyone tried it? I re seasoned it and am using it as before. I also forgot to take out my pizza stone when I turned on the self clean feature and the oven locked and I figured there goes the pizza stone. To my surprise it came out like new no dark stains from use.

I had tried to clean it by scrubbing and and could not get the stains out. I too was afraid to use the self clean function.

The stone was totally black on the top. It came out looking brand new! And, good as new too. I have done that with my cast iron skillets too. They turn out great then just season them again! My father used to work at a glass-manufacturing plant where they had ovens that fired at very, very high temperatures. She would re-season them when she got them home again. My daughter and I are frequent thrift store shoppers. I scored a Le Creuset skillet for 20 bucks. Although I thought a bit pricey for goodwill, I googled the original price and it was dollars so I thought I could splurge on the 20 I spent!

Also, found several Longerburger baskets for dollars a piece! Of course plenty of vintage corningware and pyrex over the years. Love love love thrify store shopping! I had a whole set I bought new some 40 years ago…I absolutely loved them. I cleaned it and it came out beautiful. But if you keep your eyes open, you can score some beautiful and elaborate frames. Throw the puppies and the sailboats away, keep the frames.

Some artwork is so hideous we buy it and let the children Redo it. They used mod podge and sticker letters to makeover this.

Your redo was so cleaver…. You might want to look up artists names and dated if you find signed originals. Worth many times the secondhand prices. When I moved into my apartment building, an artist resident had her artwork hung throughout the hallways. Not all of it was very good, but it brightened the place up. She has since moved, and now I have a mission to find garage sale art more to my taste to hang on all those empty picture hooks! You can spray paint the frame any color or metallic!

I even painted one stained mirror with black chalkboard paint and the frame turquoise! I pick up so much cast iron cookware at the flea market for 5 bucks a skillet! I love thrift stores!!!!!!!!!!!! I always buy Tupperware no matter where I find it. No matter how old, I have never had them not replace the item if damaged, even the ones I got second hand.

My mom gave me her old canister set, and I got all new lids for it because the old ones had cracked. I picked up a couple of cereal savers that had cracked lids at a thrift store, and the ones that were no longer available, they replaced with larger cereal savers.

Otherwise, feel free to contact me! Do you have the phone number to call Tupperware for replacement lids? I have had no luck with Tupperware replacing lids to older Tupperware that have cracked. Older Tupperware contains BPA. Keep your eyes open for Lenox at Good Will or garage sales.

Apparently people in the South have no idea about Lenox. And a New Englander and a Northeaster. Why not get a sense of humor or go to a website that encourages every slight so yiu can fight back. Bless your heart…see…smile…you survived…. If you spent most of your life living in the South, you would understand.

I agree with the gentleman. Nobody likes to be presented as ignorant, no matter what. This girl did know about Lenox. I was born in LA and raised in MS. I have found ignorance knows no boundaries.

Even in the comments that you made. I despise when non-Southerners discuss us with an air of superiority. Go to a website or blog that is is discussing prejudice and state your fight there!!! I have lived in 7 states: And now reside in Pennsylvania. I have found much ignorance in states outside of Tennessee.

And I have had beautifully brilliant friends, the smartest of my friends collectively, call the south their home. You are way too sensitive. No one took that comment wrong but you. You need to check your attitude not her. It was just a comment. Im a southern gal and i took it as not everyone knows the value of everything. Dont believe she meant it as a slur to Southerners. Just a comment folks.

We Southerners would never be so rude as to make such a comment! At least we have manners, something for which you are surely lacking! This is my first visit to this site and I was enjoying the thrifty tips. Now, I am amused and put out that the comments went south! When I was a child my family moved from Illinois to Arkansas. It was a move that amounted to miles.

As a matter of fact, there was a very hateful, threatening and racist billboard at the intersection of the 2 main highways in Bentonville. She grew up very poor in the post-carpetbagger era and often went hungry. As a young woman, she fell in love with a good man with good prospects except for a few little problems — he was Catholic and even worse — a YANKEE!!!!. But they persevered, got married, moved north to Camden, NJ, when that was a good place to live and had five children including my mother, who was raised as a Catholic but married a Presbyterian — and that was tough in those days too They raised three of us and we all turned out well enough I guess.

We all married into different religions just like my parents. So to everyone who has posted any sort of comment about Northerner vs. Southerner — may God bless you with peace, tranquility and the love of family and friends, now and for the rest of your life. You are ALL worth being loved.

If everyone just followed what you said the world would be a bette place. Thanks for posting Cathy in Canada which is definitely North. Bless your little heart! Leave off the comment about including all southerners deficit in knowledge because you found one store in the area that gave you a bargain.. But, had the audacity to add that one sentence about people in n the South.

We have an old saying: Born south of the Mason Dixon Line. Raised in California and Seattle. It is sticking to the union of a nation once divided, that has made us a great nation.

Lets revel in the great bargains we find while supporting great organizations and good folks. I met husband 3 selling at a flea market.

I bought some tools, stayed to visit and went to dinner with him. That was my best find at a sale. He just had his 80th birthday. He even gets up early to make coffee and serve me coffee in bed most mornings. Its not where your born, but what you become as a grown up that matters. I collect copper items, train memorabilia for my husband and crockery. Yes, I can identify Lenox. I do know about Lenox; have purchased as a gift. After reading all the comments, started to just leave and be silent.

But then what the heck! Nobody likes being thought of as ignorant. That generalization of people is an attitude we all should work on changing. My family has been collecting Lenox forever. My mother even bought a complete set a few pieces at a time for my niece when she was only 2 years old.

Now that is a beautiful set of Moonspun by Lenox and my niece is a nurse with a family of her own. Collecting should be fun as well as finacially rewarding. As a fourth generation Floridian, many of us are very sophisticated, especially when it comes to antiques and collectibles..

So watch out at the next garage sale or flea market, you just might run into a Southerner who really knows what they are doing. Bless your little heart.

I am a Southerner and I must tell you all of the folk I know and come in contact with are very aware of Lenox because many of us own several pieces. I had no impression that people in the south were ignorant until you said that.

That was how I felt about the comment. Then they started commenting about something completely off subject. I really enjoyed the post until all the race issue. I will say when I read it I knew that she was wrong. I am from Texas and am well aware of Lenox and have been most of my 66 years. My mother had beautiful antique Flow Blue China. She collected many brands and found it at thrift stores, antique malls and little country places.

I still look for it and find it at thrift stores, where the value is not known. Thank you for this article. I love my Corning ware from the early 70s and my Pyrex from — shades of avocado green!

I am looking for a small size as I broke the pot but have the lid. I was in a Goodwill and found my Villeroy and Boch dishes — a whole set. It was a fabulous bargain! It is rude to say such.

Only the self described southerns took that meaning from the comment. I live in the South and yes Lenox is something we do know about.

Definitely something I need to look into…. We started going to auctions a little over a year ago. After going several times we got to know people and wind up having a good time even if we leave with nothing. I have been a thrift shopper my entire life. I have now turned my hubby into one as well after seeing the stuff I get at great prices, plus you get to browse all the cool and neat old and new items. Lenox china is an American bone china line. They used to have an outlet in Pennsylvania.

Excellent quality, beautiful patterns. Everybody knows, we in the South, prefer Waterford! IF we choose to we can ALL take offense at an offhand comment….

Louis county for 73 years. Southerner feud is stupid and boring. Please get back to the original topics. Frying pans by a particular mfgr. I pick up stoneware bowls whenever I see them. Southern or Northern, those folks who just donate items regardless of value are the ones we can thank for half the items in our home! I started going to auctions since the auction house was down the street from me maybe 4 years ago.

Since I acquired so much and wanted to sell on Ebay I have learned a lot! I have a good eye for things of value and my thrift store best find was a signed print by an Indian artist whose style was highly unusual.

He had only been painting for 5 years when he accidentally shot himself. His name was Jerome Tiger. Now that I am back in the midwest-yeah! Maybe you donate something special to a thrift store because you no longer have an attachment to the item and someone else may appreciate it more. As for the bargain price, the thrift store paid nothing and felt like passing the bargain along. This is exactly how I feel about it.

Love, love, love thrift stores!!! You can find their items all over the store, but those are some of my favorite things to look for. Then of course, just checking the decor area for anything really unique and fun! Regarding Target donating items to the Good Will, Good Will actually purcheses the items by the truck full at a set price. That is why the Good Will does not discount those items for senior discounts.

Do you know how to bring back old tarnished copper? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. According to Martha Stewart, all you need is a lemon and coarse salt: If you try it, please let us know how it works! There are LOTS of different one-piece styles.

Somewhere after being a toddler but still before truly developing there became this strange place of the two piece being somehow too adult. That being said, I went to a conference on a beach resort overseas with a number of international colleagues — and all of the older men were happily there in speedos. I went to one conference on the Dead Sea, so in addition to swimsuits there was the activity of people putting mud all over themselves. A relatively benign tourist activity normally, but among coworkers quickly became incredibly odd — swimsuit cut aside.

Plus one-pieces are less likely to fall off. I used to have a great one-piece that covered me from neck to bum except for a mesh panel in the collar area.

I miss that suit. Their clothing is so comfortable, and so practical. Doing that would surely degrade your image in the eyes of colleagues. Well this is unnecessary. Insisting that people be modest rather than suggesting that OP wear something that will be perceived as comfortable and appropriate for the setting gives me the yucks.

For shame, you jezebel! Can I add a perspective to the idea of modesty being about perspective. Luckily, I had another Canadian coworker take me out during the first week to give me tips and help me get over the awkwardness of being naked around colleagues. And it was really weird the first time. But, once I noticed that nobody else thought it was a big deal or pointed and giggled at my glow-in-the-dark whiteness , my idea of modesty shifted.

I have brought this attitude back with me and have no problem with being naked or semi-dressed around same gender colleagues, family members or strangers when appropriate, of course. I just feel more comfortable in it than my two piece suits! I mostly wear boy short bathing suits with rash guards now because I burn just thinking about the sun. Why oh why did I feel like bikinis were the only way for so long? Now I better about myself. My issue with tankinis is that they give more coverage on land, but in sea they seem to be less….

Also, they are always a few inches too short and I feel oddly more exposed by the peak of skin showing than in a full coverage bikini. I used to wear rash guards quite a bit in the surf, but I never liked that they were always a bit too short and I felt like it would kind of mess up my suit underneath. A really rough wave might knock them around a little but no more than any other bathing suit, I just do a quick adjustment before I stand up.

It ends up sort of looking like a wet suit. If OP writer showed up in a bikini there would be a diversity of opinion because different people are different. If OP writer wants to be universally liked and respected, then OP writer should dress conservatively.

If OP writer wears mini skirts and low-cut blouses to work without problems, then a bikini would probably be okay although if family members are there, they are an unknown quantity.

If OP writer dresses professionally during the day and wants to preserve that image, a bikini is not the way to go. And assuming that all the board members are men! It may not the best idea to wear a teeny bikini to a work function, and it seems like the OP realizes this.

But it would not make her less likeable or less respectable. People on boards of directors of charities and businesses are often older like 60s plus and possibly more conservative than the average elder their age. There could also be fundamentalist Christians and yes, jealous wives. A jealous spouse could well resent a something showing off in a bikini. Left this comment before reading how angry everyone is at Argh! Coming here to say this.

It was the prancing comments and the wives comment, both of which were not the greatest things to say about women. This is a very good point. I can imagine the board members would appreciate it if the OP covered up a bit, especially if they are at all prominent in their community or industry.

Imagine the potential uproar if there is a photograph, however innocent, of board member with OP in a bikini published on social media, etc. Sadly, people can and do make mountains of even tiny molehills like these. One possibility is for OP to get a one-piece swimsuit such as those used in competitive swimming. My peeve with swimsuits is generally that, no matter how much coverage you get above the waist, the bottoms are almost always tiny and revealing.

I search for suits that have boyshort-style bottoms, or I buy board shorts to wear over the bikini. I neither sit around by the water all day or am swimming laps for a short amount of time. I had these amazing pair of swim shorts from the 90s from beach summer camp. We all got the same ones, regardless of gender. They were super light. Probably not ideal for men or teen boys as they were so lightweight, but I loved them.

They were short enough for full range of motion but long enough to actually provide a lot of coverage. They dried off quickly and never felt heavy. I had board shorts, but these were so much more comfortable. I might have to go back to board shorts, and my thighs are crying at the though of those seams. I go on a trip to Las Vegas every year with of my coworkers. I wear a pretty modest one-piece but usually have some cleavage control issues, so a cover up is my go to.

Nothing helpful, just an anecdote to share. I lived and worked in the Middle East for 3 years. Our boss was the only other American. We had a retreat at a place with a pool and the boss said it would be great, people could have some fun in the evenings we were there for 2 nights.

I pointed out to him that half the attendees would not be able to use the pool because there is no way the women would wear bathing suits in front of the men.

The next year for the retreat I first advocated to not have a retreat because I hate them with a passion. They are almost always poorly run and therefore completely unproductive. If you are interested, check out Rey Swimwear. The owner has created very cute modest one piece swimsuits, and she has skirts to go with them.

I believe they would be very appropriate for this kind of situation. They are a bit pricey, since they are handmade, but I think they are worth it. OP, please swim if you want to swim! Do it for me. In all seriousness, I completely appreciate your concerns— I have a work retreat coming up and the idea of wearing any bathing suit in front of my colleagues fills me with dread— but I do hope you will take some of the suggestions listed here and enjoy yourself.

Oh yeah, I got some capris like that for kayaking. Quick-dry athletic capris to the rescue! It sounds like they are talking about the general athletic capris that are often marked as go dry or quick dry or something similar. My favorites that I wear to run in are from Old Navy actually. Yeah, what OfficePrincess said.

I will swim for you, I promise! A beach resort is indeed an appropriate place for some swimming. Personally I would invest in a large hat and sunglasses so no one recognizes me and stick with the bikini.

You can wear a sarong up right under your chest and you can still tan through it. More coverage without looking like you are trying to cover up. WalMart has these Catalina suits that are similar and really cute.

I like them and they last a couple seasons at least. I generally swim many times in the summer. Given that summer is halfway over well, not in Phoenix , there should be sales going on. I live in Florida, sadly, so swimwear is never on sale. It is totally possible to walk into a Target in November and see both sweaters and swimsuits at full price. But my vote is to wear the bikini with a cover-up dress! Also, bring a cheaper one-piece with you! If this is a yearly event, it can be your go-to suit.

Your only choice may be buy one at the resort resort area and those usually have super inflated prices!! A very long time ago, I did a job in Florida in January. Also, there was a lot of free booze at the party and everyone was having a good time. It was a beautiful night and the water was perfect. I had been in there a while and was thinking about getting up and leaving when these two slightly older men showed up.

The one asked if it was OK if they got into the hot tub with me. Also, I told them that I was going to be leaving soon anyway. They walked towards us and it turned out there were 4 men and one woman. The whole group of them were wearing better than business casual, but not formal attire. I knew that they had to be part of the client group that I had just finished the show with, based on their accents and ethnicity. The woman was facing me, the two guys had the backs of their heads to her, so she asked if it was OK if they joined us.

Once again, I was all sure! All of them started taking off their clothes, until they were in their underwear. Except for one of the younger guys, who sped off. So there I was, in a hot tub with 2 midwesterners and a group of Colombians in their underwear — tightie whities and all. I must also say that she was gorgeous, in a way that I have never been or could be. The younger guy showed up again, in his swim trunks, with the contents of his mini bar, which he started lining up along the concrete edge.

I knew having a drink was not going to be good for me as I am a cheap date, I was overheated, on an empty stomach and I had to be up early to catch my flight, so I declined, but everyone else took one. Then one of the sales guys left and I decided not too long after that that I had probably been in there way too long and I should go. As I was leaving, he was coming back with more drinks.

I have no idea how that night ended for them. I swear that it never felt truly awkward, a bit weird maybe because it was completely unexpected. Granted, none of these people were my coworkers, but except for that guy who had to get his trunks, they all acted like this was the most normal way to behave on a business trip.

For the record, no, I would not strip down to my underwear and get into a hot tub with even my best girlfriends, then or now. This is the compromise that I have made when faced with a similar situation. There is no such thing as a bad cookie Nom, nom! Maybe the Cookie Monster got loose in your site?

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